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Tammy Hopkins

The Mystery of Mayahana


~Julie Reddington

I have met with Tammy a handful of times where she has read my Tarot cards. Her accuracy and insight are amazing!!! Whilst this industry is renowned for generalizations, she can pinpoint such details. She brings a 'mirror to the soul' .. whether you just a snapshot of your life at that time, or need guidance in a certain direction. She comes highly recommended among my friends. She is also a delightful human being. I could spend hours talking to her about her career, her 'gift', and how she has helped others. A truly remarkable human being.

~ Daniel Levine

Tammy is gifted and exceptional at providing help and healing for those in need

~Dr. Anita Johnston

"A true renaissance woman, Tammy is gifted in so many ways. In all she does, Tammy's heart comes through her 

work, with clarity and compassion that touches the soul of does who are fortunate to know her"

Psychologist, Private PracticeAuthor, Eating in the Light of the Moon Clinical Director, 'Ai Pono Hawaii Eating Disorder Programs Co-Creator, Light of the Moon Cafe

~Joy Harjo

"I strongly recommend Tammy to anyone who is looking for a healing, spiritual guide, and more" 

American Poet, Musician, playwright, and author. She is the incumbent United States Poet Laureate, the first Native American to hold that honor. She is also the only second Poet Laureate Consultant in POetry to serve three terms.

~Ralph G. Mendez Ph.D.,Psychologist 

"It's my professional opinion, Tammy Hopkins unique ability to develop rapid ongoing rapport, as well as her keen sense of clients abilities to express and deal with emotional fear, and feeling of being alone, greatly helped my daughter become a cancer survivor".

~Camille Gordon

  I have known Tammy for at least 4 years, and during that time she has revealed an uncanny ability to connect with spirits on the other side. I admit I was skeptical at first as I am 77 years old, and have studied many spiritual practices with numerous professionals beginning in 1978.  No one else demonstrated this unusual ability.  I think Tammy’s innate understanding of the basis of human emotions connects her sensitivity with the rhythms and sounds from a realm most of us are unaware. Once Tammy explains the misunderstandings between these dimensions, it is so much easier to tune in to truth and love which brings peace to the spirit.

     Tammy removed many different entities in my home – from a different province

“My intention to contact Tammy was to set peace and harmony for my family, in my new home. She has helped me with many different entities in my home, from a different province; I didn’t think it was possible!

My expectations and hopes were exceeded. The clearing was done in a timely manner with no disruption to my household. Everything was explained to me prior to the clearing. Tammy shared an abundance of information about the spirits who were in my home. She knew where they came from, how they came in and how they felt. They shared openly with her.

Tammy is gifted in communicating with spirits and she does it with empathy and compassion. I felt completely comfortable and safe during this process. She conducted herself professionally and was true to her word from the beginning. She followed through from start to finish and then some!

She is impeccable at what she does and I am so pleased that I called her to help! I will contact her again if another spirit comes in. I am truly grateful for Tammy services.”

~ Kathleen V. ~

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