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Meet the Artist

Tammy has a passion for JEWELRY and ART and absorbed the colors, textures, patterns, rhythms, and aesthetics of each.

She brings her incredible creative intuition to thoughtfully compose each piece from novel elements that compliment or contrast in surprising and exciting ways. ONE OF A KIND PIECES

The Store

Hand made Malas


My jewelry and Art informs my life and guides me to the next adventure. My job is to allow the pieces to tell their unique story. I’m a steward of sorts and can’t think of a better job. There’s nothing I’d rather be doing. I am so blessed. 

 I'm from Mexico, I have absorbed the colors, textures, patterns, rhythms, and aesthetics of my culture and others. I’ve developed relationships all over the world; other cultures, varied nationalities. I’ve come to value the rich histories and beauties particular to ethnic fashions.

The materials I find speak to me – they are my muse, my inspiration; they give me a story I can tell through the design of each piece. When I travel, nothing comes home in my suitcase that I don’t absolutely love. I allow each piece to speak to me on the road as well as back home in the studio. There are times I find an absolutely fascinating object which simply doesn’t go with anything. Years later, by seeming random chance, the perfect complement arrives to complete something totally unique and rich with character.

In the solitary peace of my workspace, I’m really never alone: the components themselves guide me in the creation of each finished piece of jewelry. My work has been my best teacher. I’ve learned to never take a reaction personally. I don’t create to fill a predictable niche in the world.

I am not a purist – I love mixing different eras, different cultures, and seemingly disparate materials to create unified pieces – pieces that become beautiful artifacts in their own right.



Art and more!

Camile G. What can I say? Her jewelry speaks for itself! She’s the most creative, intuitive, amazing artist. I LOVE wearing all the pieces. They are show stoppers and who doesn’t like that? They set me apart and enhance my own personal style. Adore her jewelry and adore her!

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